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My First “Raglan” Sweater


I created a sweater a couple weeks ago (click here to see the post), but I knew I could do better.  I searched ravelry for more newborn sweaters, and came across a pattern that was sized from 3 mos. to 3T.  I figured that would be a good sizing option because it would make it slightly larger than the newborn sweater I had already created and I would be able to knit a larger size for my toddler if I wanted.  This Bigger Bitty Cabled Cardigan pattern was slightly more complicated than the last sweater I made, but still looked easy enough for me to handle.

The greatest thing I learned from making this sweater was the meaning of the term “raglan.”  I had heard the word used before, but had no clear understanding of what it was.  Raglan refers to the way the sleeves are attached in a diagonal from the collar to the armpit.  There are other ways of attaching sleeves, but this style is referred to as “raglan.”  The cool thing is that you actually begin making the sleeves when you start the pattern.  Using KFB stitches as directed, you create the diagonal which will later be the beginning of your sleeves. As you can see in the picture below, this was all knit in one piece.  There are stitch markers holding the stitches which will later be knit in the round to become the sleeves.



Another cool thing about this pattern was that it included buttonholes.  The other pattern I made suggested sewing on buttons and squeezing them through the stitches.  Had I known how easy it was to make a buttonhole, I would have just made some of my own.  Instead, I left the blue sweater without buttons.  I did make a small mistake on the second buttonhole from the top, but it is still functional.  I did not realize that YO (yarn over) and K2tog (knit two together) could be combined.  I realized my mistake (although I’m not sure how I did the top hole correctly) and fixed it on the rest of the holes.

I have not yet posted on blocking, which is apparently a very important part of the sweater-making process.  I have blocked both the blue and the green baby sweaters, but do not have finished pictures to post.  I will mention that both sweaters look even better now that they are blocked.  Instead of more posts, I am 39 weeks pregnant and I am focusing on the upcoming arrival of Christian Joseph, my fourth baby boy.  Hopefully in the next week or two I will have some adorable photos to share of my new little guy wearing all of his hand-knit apparel!