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Fair Isle Knitting

Along with the book mentioned in the previous post, I picked up another of Melissa Leapman’s books from the library, entitled Mastering Color Knitting.

Cover art

This book goes beyond the basics of working with multiple colors, using various colors within the same row (also known as “stranded knitting” or “Fair Isle knitting”).  I read through all the information, realizing that this was a much more advanced technique.  Reading about how to do this was not very helpful, so I began watching YouTube videos.  I watched about five different videos, observing amateur videographers and professional bloggers alike to see exactly how they managed multiple strands.

Basically, what I observed was that everyone has his or her own technique.  Some do it while holding two colors in the same hand, while others do it by holding one color in their left hand and the other color in their right.  I found a pretty Fair Isle snowflake pattern in a scarf book (with a great diagram to follow the colors) and decided to try it out.  Once again, I only created a swatch, but this is what I created:



Over the course of creating that swatch, I tried the various methods of stranded knitting that I had observed in the video.  I tried to become comfortable with one method, but couldn’t get a good feel for it.  

I decided that, while I am capable of stranded knitting, I do not want to try it again until I am a much more experienced (and faster) knitter.  I think it would also be worth practicing the English method of “throwing” the yarn with my right hand.  I currently use the Continental method of holding the yarn with my left hand, but if I was able to utilize both techniques I would have an easier time doing stranded knitting with two hands.

Instead of focusing on multiple colors, I want to focus on honing my basic knitting techniques.  Next up… circular needles!